Made in 2 Days for the GMTK Jam 2018

Control with WASD.
Space to Restart after death.

Lure enemies into traps while avoide running into them yourself.

Originally I intended to make a dungeon crawler where you cant fight, however due to time issues (or maybe too high goals) I only finished to do this. Should still be somewhat enjoyable, so have fun.

Made withUnity


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I like the concept of the game. I personally very quickly got overwhelmed by enemies so maybe you could have built in different difficulty levels or slowed down the spawn rate a bit. I found the movement controls to be very smooth and reactive but not too reactive, very good job on that. I also liked the pixelly art style. Overall, a cute and fun game!

Very similar to my idea where you have to make enemy shoot eachother. Those random traps are anoying for taking control. Overall have a potencial.

Ps: I like how walk animation for rock guys is a color swap.

Really fun concept, it doesn't matter that you're only on one level.
The random spawning of the enemies is a bit annoying tough. Maybe make them spawn outside the field of view and enter from the sides.

Thanks. I'm still planning to make it into a full fledged webgame, with different levels, puzzles, and fixed enemy spawns and trap timers. If i keep this survival mode tho i'll keep your suggestion in mind.